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You’ve smashed your iPhone. It wasn’t even a big drop but those sidewalks are unforgiving. Now, you have a thin slab of metal and glass splinters and you need a quailty smartphone repair option. So what’s next?

First, don’t beat yourself up. These things happen. A recent study showed that sports fans are particularly prone to phone accidents – 23 million Americans have damaged their phone while watching a sporting event. Around one in eight threw them across the room because they were excited, elated or furious sports. Just as many dropped them in their beers.
Holidays aren’t much better – one in eight damage their electronics during celebrations in the holiday season. And if it wasn’t the sidewalk you dropped it on but, in a public bathroom, know that you are not alone. Men most often break their cell phones in the garage, while women find the bathroom is the most likely place to break their phone.

Second, think carefully about what to do next. Of course, you need it repaired, to be working properly and for this whole sorry accident to become a distant memory. But not all repair services are equal and, therefore, neither are their repairs.

You don’t want the repair to work just fine for three months and a day, and then fail, if the service then says there’s a 90-day warranty on their work. A limited warranty is common among second-tier repair shops.




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